I am a biomedical scientist with 20 years of active, international research experience in academia.

My research efforts concentrate on basic science ("fundamenteel onderzoek") at the interface of developmental, stem cell and cancer biology.

My research group at the University of Amsterdam specifically studies how so-called Wnt signaling (a mode of cell-to-cell communication) controls cell behavior - with a focus on mammary gland biology and the initiation and progression of breast cancer.

Check out my lab website for more information on my research, teaching and outreach activities.

An up to date CV can be downloaded here.

I enjoy science communication and am comfortable explaining complex scientific concepts and multiple different topics to a wide variety of audiences.

As a skilled public speaker, I have given talks for a wide range of audiences. This includes high school teachers, elementary school kids, artists and designers, and the general public.

I am open to requests for writing or speaking engagements, as well as collaborations with industry or SMEs.

I enjoy talking to journalists & artists to explain scientific concepts and help interpret the scientific literature.

Contact me if my expertise is of interest to you.