2010 - 'Magic Man'
An award winning short, silent film in 3D directed by DC Kasundra.
Role: Extra (but there are no small parts)


2014 - 'Arte Reportage'
Six-minute portrait (part of a series of 28 'Europortraits'), broadcast by Arte TV.
Role: Self

science education

2017 - Promotional video Biomedical Sciences


2017 - 'What's next' (Tuschinski)
385th anniversary of the University of Amsterdam
Interview panel with Robbert Dijkgraaf

science communication (in Dutch)

2020 - Minicollege stamcellen & kanker
Video for highschool students who are considering a career in the Biomedical Sciences

webinar (in Dutch)

2020 - Webinar "CRISPR/Cas: van mens tot molecuul"
Public lecture for the Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (Royal Netherlands Chemical Society


Columnist for Radio Swammerdam (in Dutch)

media (selection)

2020 - radio - Radio Swammerdam - hosted by Tanne van der Wal
I talked about breast biology in this episode, which was broadcast during breast cancer awareness month.

2020 - written press - Bionieuws - by Nina Wubben
I commented on a new publication that reported the discovery of a new type of immune cell in the mammary gland.

2019 - written press - De Volkskrant - by Nienke Zoetbrood
I commented on a new publication that reported on the lack of stem cells in the heart.

2016 - radio - Omroep Max 'Wekker Wakker'
I commented on the buzz around CRISPR and Jennifer Doudna
in the week before she did not win the Nobel prize.

2016 - written press - De Volkskrant - by Maarten Keulemans
I talked about CRISPR/Cas9 in a piece that explores how widespread the use of this technology has become.

2015 - written press - Het Parool
Short interview about my scientific career so far.

popular scientific writing (English)

Amsterdam Science Magazine

Two examples:
2016 - Flexibility (column)
2017 - Then and now

popular scientific writing (Dutch)

Articles for De Nederlandse Boekengids

2021 Read "Aandacht voor de afweer" here (subscription required), where I review "Immuun" by Paul Davies and "An elegant defense" by Matt Richtel.

2019 Read "Een vervlochten stamboom?"here (subscription required), where I review "She has her mother's laugh" by Carl Zimmer and "A tangled tree" by David Quammen.