arts and sciences

As a scientist, I greatly enjoy collaborating with artists and designers. I am inspired by their inventivity and enjoy exploring novel ways of bringing science to the general public.

In 2015 I got the opportunity to work with Isaac Montée on his project "The Art of Deception".

In 2016 I collaborated with designers Lilian van Daal and Roos Meerman after winning the BioArt and Design (BAD award) competition. This has resulted in "Dynamorphosis", in which Lilian and Roos explore the beauty of the biological mechanisms in the human body through a series of kinetic, 3D printed objects.

In 2018 I contributed to the work of photographer Jos Jansen for his book Universe: Facts in the post-truth era, which was also highlighted in De Volkskrant.

In 2021 I started an artist-in-residence program to work at the intersection of art and science on a more continuous basis. Dutch poet Rosa Schogt will be the first artist to be embedded in my lab for a period of 12 months.